Sunday, July 10, 2011

Simple Fume Extractor

Some will go so far as to say even a few breaths of the vaporized flux is deadly. Well, it isn't. But, a simple fan to blow away the fumes while soldering is really nice.

Parts list:

  1. Install grills
  2. Solder barrel jack
  3. Hot glue barrel jack and magnets
  4. Drink beers
While the fan is 12V, running it at 9V makes it nearly silent. However, it moves plenty of air. (But not too much.) I always have a 9V adapter on my desk (they are ideal for a 7805) so this is perfect for me.

The two small magnets allow the fan to stay where you put it, but the are weak enough that it can be moved with one hand.

It works great. If you have a more common 80mm fan it will probably work. It will end up being a little louder and you might need to raise it to get the air where you need it.  

I use this to blow the fumes away. You could always add a carbon filter like these from Digi-Key for $7 and turn it around like a proper fume extractor.

Update July 11:
I just found this Thermaltake USB powered fan which is $17 at Amazon or Newegg. It even has a speed knob!